With approximately 24,700 students and 5,400 staff, TU Delft is the largest university of technology in the Netherlands. With a tradition of more than 175 years in civil engineering, TU Delft has developed a broad research portfolio that, divided among 41 departments and eight faculties, spans practically the entire range of engineering sciences. TU Delft is the highest-ranking Dutch university, and it is one of the top 20 universities of technology worldwide (THE & QS). 

The university offers a broad range of high-quality degree programmes and unique facilities and is a world research leader in such diverse areas as quantum-nano, bio-nanotechnology, maritime engineering, architecture, transport, water management, aerospace technology and robotics. 

From international conferences to the opening of the academic year

Events are an effective way to transfer all this knowledge. The events department supports TU Delft employees in organizing a very wide range of events, from international conferences to the Opening of the Academic Year. But they all have one thing in common, they take place in the beautiful city of Delft!

TU Delft laborant