Hospitality Vouchers

Would you like to offer your conference guests a dinner in Delft afterwards? Then it is possible to use our dinner and food & beverage vouchers. 

Dinner vouchers 
Dinner vouchers can be dispensed before the start of the conference. The vouchers can be personalised e.g. participants, guests, VIPS. The value of the vouchers as well as the participating restaurants will be determined in advance in close consultation with you. Invoices will be taken care of after the conference based on the vouchers received. 

Food & Beverage vouchers 
F&B Vouchers will enable you to build a platform in which the “smaller F&B outlets” will be linked for conference delegates. These vouchers can be handed in at various F&B outlets in the city. The delegates will receive a discount on their bill, a special menu or e.g. the 2nd glass of wine for free. 

Costs The price of the vouchers will be determined in consultation with you. 

Would you like to make use of this, contact us!

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