Our City, your convention centre

Delft is a dynamic hub of science and technology and is therefore the ideal platform for impactful events at unique locations. As a compact city with many facilities within a short distance of one another, Delft offers excellent options.  We love to use our easily accessible and walkable historic city centre as a backdrop or space for conferences. Would you like to know how? 

We often combine various unique locations, the canals and canal boats, Delft’s history, and restaurants and museums. Participants can easily get from one location to another, which stimulates interaction and the exchange of ideas.  

This is how our extraordinary city centre can become a wonderful backdrop for your event. You provide your participants with a sound and powerful programme while offering valuable networking time, fresh air, and a special experience as they explore our historic city centre between sessions. That is what we mean by Creating History in our city as a Convention Centre. 

De Nieuwe Kerk op het marktplein in Delft

Creating History in Delft

Delft is a true cradle of knowledge and experience exchange, which makes it an inspiring destination for your next meeting. Science has been inextricably linked to Delft for centuries. Delft is the city where resident Hugo de Groot laid the foundations for international law, Antonie van Leeuwenhoek laid the groundwork for microbiology, and his contemporary Reinier de Graaf conducted pioneering research in the field of reproductive medicine. Our technical university and other science and academic institutes still rank among the best internationally.  

In Delft, technological innovations are transformed into future-oriented products and techniques. Examples are industrial biotechnology, (offshore) energy, creative industry, smart industry, and robotics. Companies like DSM, Deltares and IHE develop new products in collaboration with TU Delft, creating an impact for a better society. You will also find one of Europe’s largest technical incubators in Delft: Yes Delft! 


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